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Self-Service or Not, What We Can’t Measure Is Important Too

Questions around the performance of IT self-service, compared to more traditional IT support access and communication channels, opens up a “can of worms” re the IT issues that never make it to any IT support channel. Self-service isn’t a new idea anymore, it’s mainstream IT service management (ITSM) behavior. Just about every organization – and, […]

5 Top Tips for Better ITAM Metrics

IT asset management (ITAM) is a powerful IT management activity that saves your organization time and money and minimizes risk; but all too often people forget to quantify the benefits realized, which in turn continues to justify the ongoing investment in ITAM people, processes, and technology. The management of IT assets – whether it’s hardware, […]

10 Reasons Why a Bad IT Balanced Scorecard Is Worse than None at All

Using an IT balanced scorecard will help your IT organization to focus on the right things – for both delivering against business needs and engendering service improvement. In doing so though, there are a number of potential pitfalls that organizations need to avoid, which this blog details. But first we need to start with a […]

Don’t Use Other People’s KPIs

Some time ago I was involved in a discussion about whether First Call Resolution Rate (FCR) is a good KPI for incident management. After the conversation had died down I realized that the underlying issue is that you have to understand what you are trying to achieve before you can define KPIs. So What Exactly Is a […]