How to Use Kaizen to Drive Service Improvements (Part 2)

Kaizen drives service

Many IT organizations will admit to the fact that they could be somewhat better at getting better, i.e. better at improving operations and services. My previous blog introduced the concept of Kaizen as a philosophy and approach that aids continuous service improvement (CSI). This time around I want to get more practical, talk about the HOWS: how to carry out your IT service management (ITSM) improvements and how to keep the momentum going.

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How to Use Kaizen to Drive Service Improvements (Part 1)

Kaizen drives service

“Kaizen” might sound like a breakfast roll but don’t be fooled – it’s a philosophy and approach that aids continuous service improvement (CSI).

Working in IT is hectic. We have requests to fulfill, changes to make, incidents to fix.

Sometimes we’re so overwhelmed with “the day job” that the thought of CSI seems too daunting. But CSI isn’t an “all or nothing” game. Improvements don’t have to change the world over night, they just need to improve things over time.

Ultimately, we need to get better at getting better – and this blog looks at how an approach called “Kaizen” can help.

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8 Top Tips for Upping Your SAM Game and Software Compliance

Upping Your SAM Game

Many IT organizations think it’s too difficult to take on software asset management (SAM), also called software license management (SLM). They think that it’s too expensive to do (especially when they assume an expensive SAM technology is required), is people intensive, and/or is hard to justify on an ongoing basis.

I’m here to tell you that this is completely not the case. With the investment in SAM, if done correctly, the potential to save money and time, and to reduce risk, far outweighs the drawbacks.

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Self-Service or Not, What We Can’t Measure Is Important Too

Self-service measurements

Questions around the performance of IT self-service, compared to more traditional IT support access and communication channels, opens up a “can of worms” re the IT issues that never make it to any IT support channel.

Self-service isn’t a new idea anymore, it’s mainstream IT service management (ITSM) behavior. Just about every organization – and, more importantly, just about every user of IT services – expects self-service to play an active role in diagnosing, recording, and resolving the issues they encounter.

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5 Tips for Coping with the Service Desk’s Post-Holiday Rush

Dealing with post-holiday IT services

Who doesn’t love the holidays? The feeling of goodwill, the great TV, seeing friends and family. How awesome is the holiday period? But here’s the thing, when the first week of work post-holidays rolls around, having chocolate for breakfast and drinking your own body weight in alcohol will become a distant memory once reality sets in.

It’s even tougher for the corporate IT service desk. Chances are they run a skeleton staff over the holidays and when it’s back-to-work time, they have a huge backlog of lower-priority calls to get through. Sound depressingly familiar? Don’t panic or cry into your cup of coffee just yet, here are five tips to help your service desk survive the post-holiday rush.

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