Help! SysAid Is the Only ITSM Tool Vendor at Interop

OK, I’ve exaggerated slightly in my hopefully click-bait blog titling – if you can’t beat them join them.

HP and IBM are also at Interop New York, and they both have IT service management (ITSM) offerings in their ginormous enterprise software portfolios. Plus there are a number of vendors that offer software and services that help IT professionals with ITSM and better IT service delivery. You can see a full list of exhibitors here.

But I do believe SysAid to be the only pure-play, ITSM tool vendor at Interop. SysAid also has the most handsomest booth assistant – yours truly (or so my mother tells me, and sorry Matt, Michael, Alan, and Sophie).

The essence of Interop

For me, Interop is an exciting convergence of IT professionals and many of the IT vendors looking to help those IT professionals to deliver better IT services to their internal and external customers.

Looking at the session content and attending vendors, there is a heavy focus on networks and security, and many of the common challenges currently faced by corporate IT departments such as mobile, cloud, and the need for better analytics.

All this, against a backdrop of: the consumerization of IT, BYOD, shadow IT, and rising customer expectations around the quality of IT services, IT support, IT costs, and the overall service experience provided by IT.

Don’t take my word for it, Interop describes itself as: “The leading independent technology conference and expo designed to inspire, inform, and connect the world’s IT community.” We all need inspiration, along with IT good practice advice, to deal with the growing number of aforementioned IT and business challenges.

Plus, those wonderful people at UBM manage Interop – the same people who kindly provide the ITSM community with the annual FUSION and HDI events (and, by the way, you can meet me at both of these events too).

Look beyond the technology

Effectively managing business technology is important, but as I (and SysAid CEO Sarah Lahav) have mentioned in previous blogs – our customers don’t consume the technology, they consume the IT services created from the technology. Yes, we need secure networks and mobile apps, say, but they do our employers little good if customers don’t want to use them, struggle to use them, or can’t use them. Us IT professionals need to have one eye on the IT and the other on the service experience.

It’s why SysAid is at Interop. We understand that IT professionals not only need an optimal and secure network and IT infrastructure, but also the ability to manage and support IT service delivery with a heavy focus on meeting customer expectations of IT supply.

And it makes no difference whether the IT services are created internally or bought in from cloud service providers (or maybe via a little of both). In fact the growing use of third-party services, cloud or otherwise, is a major reason why corporate IT organizations need to be investing in IT service management.

We want to talk ITSM and IT excellence at Interop

We hope to be chatting with IT professionals about topics beyond pure IT itself, like how they are meeting their customers’ needs. We want to hear stories – the good, the bad, and the ugly – about how their corporate IT is or isn’t meeting the needs of its customers.

Where appropriate we also want like to talk about where we can help. But SysAid doesn’t believe in the hard sell – we are genuinely happy just to talk about you and your organization. Poke us if we overstep the mark (apart from Sophie who bruises easily).

So, if you’re at Interop, look out for my SysAid colleagues and me – although, beware, they might insist that you have your photo taken with me. Unfortunately being an IT superstar isn’t easy, as you probably well know.

See you at Interop! The expo is at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, New York City, on the 1st and 2nd of October.

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