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Uncovering and Managing the Customer Experience

My previous blog talked about what customer experience actually IS, along with a video that followed my learning cycle. We saw that despite a number of improvements made, the relationship with our customers was even more strained, and a major reason was due to the customer experience that we were providing. In the final part of […]

What Is Customer Experience?

Really, what IS customer experience (or CX for short)? Most explanations refer to a customer interacting with a business and its services, and nothing about its use within the context of an IT organization. For example, take a look at this formal definition of customer experience management from 2003: “The process of strategically managing a […]

Why Are There So Few Women in IT?

Although we’re now well into the 21st century, the goals of the gender-equality movement have still to be accomplished, especially in the field of IT – with the number of women working in corporate IT organizations still remarkably low. In the UK, for example, it’s a paltry 27%, according to a report from the UK […]

Why IT Is an Organisation’s Best Friend

The IT department is one of, if not THE most important department within any organisation. IT is the glue that holds an organisation together and ultimately helps them achieve their goals (no jokes about me being sticky please). Without IT there would be no organisation in the first place as no one would be able to […]

Hidden Costs Of Open Source Software

There is a new global trend in IT management to adopt open source platforms and applications. I’m not only talking about Linux operating systems or Firefox browsers, but about platform applications to build websites and content management systems. Today, there are really good open source alternatives for various commercial solutions. Anyone using open source platforms […]