Agile Service Management: Can ITSM Truly Be Agile?

Can ITSM truly be agile?

It sometimes feels like the phrase “Do more, with less” has been with us since we started delivering technology-enabled solutions to business challenges and opportunities. Typically nowadays, IT departments get a small year-on-year reduction in their budget with an expectation they will do the same or more in the coming year. Often they manage to sustain this but sometimes they don’t, causing a loss of confidence in the IT department’s capabilities and business value that becomes increasingly difficult to address. In seeking to deal with this issue, one of the increasingly popular solutions is something called “Agile Service Management.” I’ve blogged on this before – in Getting Started with Agile ITSM and How ITSM Supports IT Agility, but thought it a worthwhile topic again as we prepare for the challenges of 2017.

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Uncovering and Managing the Customer Experience

Customer experience

My previous blog talked about what customer experience actually IS, along with a video that followed my learning cycle. We saw that despite a number of improvements made, the relationship with our customers was even more strained, and a major reason was due to the customer experience that we were providing.

In the final part of this video series, I explain what we did to uncover the customer experience, plus I reveal the easy steps we took to make simple changes and incorporate what we learned into our future plans.

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What Is Customer Experience?

Customer experience

Really, what IS customer experience (or CX for short)? Most explanations refer to a customer interacting with a business and its services, and nothing about its use within the context of an IT organization.

For example, take a look at this formal definition of customer experience management from 2003:

“The process of strategically managing a customer’s entire experience with a product or company.” – Bernd Schmitt

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Measuring Change Performance – Easy or Not?

Measuring ITSM change & success

Without knowing how well we’re doing, we can’t show that we’re getting better. IT service management (ITSM) service providers need to show improvement, to keep customers happy that the service is in good hands. And to show we are improving, we need to be able to measure and compare our current and previous performance levels.

But getting good measurements can be harder than we think. Change management is an essential aspect of good ITSM, so let’s take that as an example. To judge our change management performance, we just need to measure how many of our changes are implemented successfully, and then make the numbers better.

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