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What IT Security Can Learn from Speed Cameras

Who’d have thought that there are IT security lessons to be learned from a new approach the UK Government took to reducing speeding? But the concept of changing people’s mindsets to think about road safety rather than speeding is, rather peculiarly, a great fit for the IT security issues organizations currently face with the increased […]

The Road to Kittens Is Littered with BRM

We’ve been hearing more and more about Business Relationship Management (BRM), and for good reason. BRM has been defined as ‘a formal approach to understanding, defining, and supporting inter-business activities’ and therefore is essential in helping service providers deliver the right kind and level of service. Without BRM telling us where to aim, we have […]

Design Coordination: How to Get Your ITSM Ducks in a Row

If you’ve been following my blogs (or even if you’re just a savvy IT professional like yours truly), then you know that ITIL® offers us a wide range of processes to learn, love. and adapt to our circumstances. Some of them, like incident management and change management are fundamental to IT service management (ITSM): do […]

The Top 5 Things ITSMers Get Wrong about Cloud Migration

As an IT service management (ITSM) professional, which public cloud “camp” are you in: Cloud is great? Cloud is a disaster? Couldn’t care less about cloud? (Hopefully none of you are still at “what’s cloud?”) These and many other cloud “attitudes” tend to be present, all at the same time, in a typical enterprise. And, […]