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8 Top Tips for Upping Your SAM Game and Software Compliance

Many IT organizations think it’s too difficult to take on software asset management (SAM), also called software license management (SLM). They think that it’s too expensive to do (especially when they assume an expensive SAM technology is required), is people intensive, and/or is hard to justify on an ongoing basis. I’m here to tell you […]

7 Top Tips for Effective Inventory Management

In the IT service management (ITSM) world there’s often talk of the need for configuration management and configuration management databases (CMDBs), and also IT asset management (ITAM). It can seem a steep challenge for many organizations, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t start with something far simpler – inventory management. It’s all well and […]

5 Top Tips for Better ITAM Metrics

IT asset management (ITAM) is a powerful IT management activity that saves your organization time and money and minimizes risk; but all too often people forget to quantify the benefits realized, which in turn continues to justify the ongoing investment in ITAM people, processes, and technology. The management of IT assets – whether it’s hardware, […]

The 7 Habits of Highly-Effective Software Asset Managers

Many companies still need to manage their software asset investments better – to reduce risks and financial “wastage.” It can be a huge undertaking but it can also be very rewarding – so start small if you need to, building up your software asset management capabilities over time. Software asset management (SAM) is an underused […]

How to Write a Software Asset Management Process – Part 2

  In a previous blog we examined the meta-activities that should be undertaken to provide the best possible prospect of Software Asset Management (SAM) processes being correctly modeled and maintained. In this article I’d like to detail the entities that we could reasonably expect to see in a process map and their overall relevance to conveying […]