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Steve Chambers is a recovering IT practitioner and executive with over twenty years experience across the IT industry. From early beginnings in the world of the mainframe at a UK bank, Steve joined the dotcom years working for Loudcloud and working with the UK Cabinet Office on the precursor to Digital Government. Steve spent some intensive years at VMware helping customers understand the impact of virtualization on their service management, before kickstarting the converged infrastructure market with VCE and then becoming a Cloud CTO. Steve is using all of that battle experience to help Viewyonder clients get value out of Cloud and DevOps. Follow @ViewYonder for company info, or @stevie_chambers for a personal insight to the industry.

How DevOps Brings High Velocity to ITSM

“The harder I practice, the luckier I get.” – Gary Player, professional golfer At the core of DevOps is learning. And DevOps stands on the shoulders of many giants, with one of those giants being the Toyota Way from which DevOps borrows concepts such as Kata, which helps people, teams, and organizations to improve, adapt, […]

Resilience Engineering and the Five Missing Teeth of Availability Management

“Do as I say, not as I do” is an instruction that most children are familiar with. Their questions receive the shriek “Because I’m your mother!” or father. Such vacuous guidance is frustrating because the child doesn’t learn why something should be done, or how it should be done, correctly. So children instead seek the […]